Fickle Rumor and Sentiment

"Rumors were flying around Silicon Valley in November 2005 that something intriguing was happening in one of the underground parking garages at Google's world headquarters. The gadfly Robert X. Cringely blogged that the company was hiding a 40-foot-long shipping container in a secret area off limits even to regular GoogleFolks. But when a cutting-edge data center in a shipping container was announced in October 2006, the company behind it was not Google. It was Sun Microsystems. Its Project Blackbox would be available for delivery in 2007. Project Blackbox may be Jonathan Schwartz's, CEO, Sun Microsystems, biggest initiative to date, and the one that best reflects his vision for the new Sun. Whether Project Blackbox will be more than a niche product is an open question.

"Of course, the Street is notoriously fickle and will swing back and forth based on rumor and sentiment -- until the numbers come in. And that is where Sun and Schwartz and the Blackbox have to show their muscle."

(“Dawn Of The Dead.” Alan Deutschman. Fast Company. Boston: June 2007. Iss. 116; pg. 86)

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