Perceptions and Icarus

“Investors have sharply cut the stock price of Whole Foods Market Inc. in the past year, pushing shares into the low $20s from more than $50…

“A big part of the company's problems stem from its success. After branding itself as a high-end shopping experience, it's now contending with an apparent misperception among consumers that it's expensive.

“While Whole Foods is ostensibly a consumer staple (a company that performs in a down economy because consumers must shop for food), the reality is that ‘the shares actually trade like a consumer discretionary stock,’ says Mark Miller, at William Blair & Co. Stock analysts who have done apples-to-apple comparisons report that Whole Foods, despite its image, is competitive on prices. The chain doesn't sell the down-market brands its peer do, but where products overlap, and with its well-regarded private-label brand, Whole Foods is often as a good a deal or better than traditional grocers. But shoppers often stuff their carts with pricier items that fatten their bills, leading to the impression that the chain is a luxury.”

(“Ahead of the Tape.” Jeff D. Opdyke. Wall Street Journal: August 5, 2008. pg. C.1)

THE VERY THING that allows you to soar can become the cause of your downfall and demise...

...especially to the degree that our world of action is founded upon a world of decisions founded in a universe of perceptions, images and impressions.

We weave our realities as our eyes, minds and hearts filter what is being filtered by others' eyes, minds and hearts.

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