Dare To See, Think And Feel Differently

“A number of large employers, such as McDonald's Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., recruit people with disabilities to be cashiers, maintenance workers or store greeters. At Home Depot Inc., developmentally disabled workers stock shelves, clean displays and help customers find items. Home Depot has been working with a nonprofit organization called Ken's Kids, which was formed a decade ago by a group of parents seeking employment opportunities for their young-adult children, and has placed more than 100 people in 54 stores. In addition, smaller businesses around the nation have made a goal of employing workers passed over by other companies.

“Still, executives at Walgreen and the social-services agencies working with it believe the company's program has a larger number of disabled employees, doing more-sophisticated work, than is typically available to people with mental and physical challenges…

"’One thing we found is they can all do the job,’ says Randy Lewis, a senior vice president of distribution and logistics at Walgreen... ‘What surprised us is the environment that it's created. It's a building where everybody helps each other out’."

(“Erasing 'Un' From 'Unemployable'; Walgreen Program Trains the Disabled To Take on Regular Wage-Paying Jobs.” by Amy Merrick. Wall Street Journal: August 2, 2007. pg. B.1)

ONCE AGAIN, weakness becomes an advantage. Yin creates Yang.

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